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TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OBSOLETE EQUIPMENT Obsolescence occurs when parts or services become unavailable, usually as a result of them no longer being produced by the original manufacturer.

The principle aim of Obsolescence Management is to minimise the operational implications and costly resolutions. CAMIS can assist with this process by undertaking a full assessment of your potentially obsolete electronic equipment and producing detailed reports and recommendations.


Founded in 1969 CAMIS offers a professional and cost-effective repairs and maintenance service throughout the UK. Over the years, our engineers have developed a wealth of technical expertise allowing the repair and servicing of all types of industrial electronic equipment, where quality is guaranteed.

Offering a no obligation, diagnostic service, CAMIS provides FREE quotations and a Fully Tested Warranty for all electronic repairs. If you are looking for a reliable, quality and cost-effective repairs and maintenance service please call us on the contact number below.

Below are some examples of services we offer here at CAMIS ELECTRONICS,
giving you a quality repair service with a quick turnaround time.