Sunday, August 14, 2022

CAMIS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineering solutions to industry and is committed to providing customers with the broadest possible range of electronics products and value added services.

CAMIS has access to internationally known brands in each of its Divisions and with
its own in-house engineering knowledge and expertise can supply standard products
and tailor-made solutions based on individual customer’s requirements and designs.

CAMIS provides electronic design solutions and sub contract manufacturing
services to a wide range of industries including the manufacture of dedicated
electronic controls for products such as off-road vehicles, agricultural cutting
equipment, security equipment door opening equipment, catering equipment, water
treatment plants, vending machines, materials handling and industrial/domestic
waste disposal units.

With state of the art equipment CAMIS supplies competitively priced, quality cable products on short lead times. Facilities include:

• Material cutting
• Stripping
• Window/mid stripping
• Auto bootlace ferruling
• Wire end twisting

• Harness / job sequencing
• Hot stamp marking
• Wire end tinning
• Insertion of weather seals
• Closed barrel crimping

• Ink jet marking
• Batching of finished wires
• Short length processing
• Multi-core cable production
• Coiling with long wires

CAMIS is a UK distributor for leading manufacturers such as Johnson Electric,
Saia Burgess, Crouzet, Bernstein, Comat, Pepperl & Fuchs and Celduc supplying
electronics companies with a range of micro-switches, foot switches, relays, timers,
counters, motors and gearboxes.

In-house facilities are available to produce a wide variety of special parts,
adaptations, and assemblies ranging from the very simple (adding wires, levers, connectors etc to a standard micro-switch), through to incorporating specified components in a customer specified assembly. Quantities can vary from a few dozen to many hundreds.

CAMIS Motors & Drives is a leading distributor of industrial AC and DC electric motors and ancillary controls in both IEC format and special purpose designs. Benefitting from well-established relationships with industry Principals, including Winkelmann, Emod and Rotomag, CAMIS supplies a wide portfolio of standard and advanced industrial electric motors to the OEM market and Trade on an international basis.